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Prevention: Activities

Psychosocial Activities: Church Activities

The covid 19 pandemic required us all to stay at home to protect ourselves,our love ones and others from the virus. And during this stay at home, we at CPTCSA would like also to protect your children from physical and sexual violence. Together with your children, here are activities you can do that can help protect them from such abuse.

The activities talks about identifying their private body parts; what is a safe place for them where they can go if someone tries to hurt them; knowing what words they can use (such as NO) when someone tries to hurt them; and who are the people they can ask for help. Each activities also have bible verses to emphasize that God created them (child) and God does not want them to be hurt.


Church Activities – Week 1-2

God created me, God created my whole body (including my private body parts), mind, feelings and spirit. God’s creation is good. God gave this body to me. MY BODY BELONGS TO ME.