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  • What Everyone Should Know About Child Sexual Abuse is a 16-page pamphlet on general base-line information of child sexual abuse, definitions, who are the offenders, the victims, how to respond to the abuse, and resources to contact. These booklets may be used alone, but is best when supplemented with a presentation and discussion. Booklets are in English and Tagalog .
  • Praktikal na tugon


Materials through Personal Safety Lesson

  • Personal Safety Lessons Grade 1 to 10
    The Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse offers prevention materials for Personal Safety Classes for grades 1 through High School. These materials are produced for the classroom, yet can also be used within social service agency groups as well as community groups.  Click here to know more
  • Teachers guide to child protection 
    Personal Safety Lessons is a response to the UNCRC and Filipino laws to protect our children. This 15-page guide helps teachers know how to follow the law in a safe and effective manner. Within Personal Safety Lessons teachers are communicating to their students. their wish to help all students. This guide provides teachers with information about mandated reporting and how to handle disclosures of students effectively.
  • Personal Safety Lessons for pre-school
  • Personal Safety Lessons for Deaf

Materials for children, parents and communities

  • Erika and Jay storybook
  • Hoy! Bata! Mahalaga Ka!
    The Storybook is a 36-page color illustrated book that can accompany the animated VCD or be read by itself. The story is based on two characters and their alter-egos helping them learn protective behaviors and seeking help when needed. The book is focused on preschool children and provides useful information in a fun and non-threatening manner to build their self-confidence. Parents and children can become even closer connected when they read the story together and talk about their personal daily experiences.

    The VCD comes with a user's guide to help you provide a holistic program to teach children information (such as private body parts and Touching Rules), skills needed to handle the new information (such as assertiveness and telling), and most importantly to build their self-esteem so the child will have the courage to practice the skills based on the information. Personal Safety does not guarantee safety for children - instead, it helps low-risk children to say "NO", high risk children to be able to tell someone from within their support system, and for most of the children who cannot say, "NO" or tell, the program hopes to inhibit a sense of guilt or blame. In addition, we hope that we can teach the children today not to become the abusers of tomorrow. The VCD can be used by teachers, parents, and other care-givers of our precious children. Includes VCD and Guide

  • Ang aking aklat para sa pansariling kaligtasan
  • Parents practical response
  • Family and community advocacy manual

Materials for churches

  • Preventing and healing child sexual abuse
  • Haven of grace


Materials for counselor

1. Kaya ko and Ahas kardz
2. Caring for sexually abused child in your foster home
3. Handling disclosures VCD
4. Interviewing VCD
5. Group counseling
6. Traumagenic dynamics (Sarah)
7. Kids and teens court awareness program

Materials for client

1. Feeling good about being me
2. Sa korte handa ako