Training On Psychosocial Care in Crisis & Disaster ManagementMay we invite all social workers to attend our training on “TRAINING ON PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE IN CRISIS AND DISASTER MANAGEMENT” to be held on July 16-18,2019. Venue is at Norfil Foundation, Quezon City

CPD Units:

18.5 CPD units for social workers

Course Description :

Critical events like disasters, either man-made or natural and other extreme life experiences will result to physical, mental, psychosocial and spiritual stress reactions. If not properly responded, countless health conditions might arise. Some of the people exposed to these incidents had experienced psychosocial problems and others, at one point in time, needed psychiatric help. Thus, immediate response to them by service workers trained to provide psychosocial support is highly recommended. The course is designed for the learners to understand the principles and dynamics and disaster management with focus on the bio-psychosocial counseling.

For inquiries and registration please contact CPTCSA at 426-7839 or email us  or message us on Facebook . Thank you.