Call for Conference Submissions

General Submission Deadline: 15 June 2020

Conference Dates: 12-13 November 2020


We are excited to announce the Call for Submissions on research or work you have done or plan to do that is related to boys! We want to focus our conference on boys because of the recent research that points to the fact that our boys are as abused as our girls, and yet our paradigms for and services appear to be focused on our girls. This is true in both treatment services and prevention models. We need to better understand the lives of our boys and the micro and macro systems that impact them in order to prevent their victimization, prevent their victimizing others, and, most importantly to support all of our boys and men to lead a personally fulfilling life.

Some funding is available for those traveling long distances and with research titles of specific interest. Presenters will be given a small fee.


Program Topics

We invite submissions on all aspects of the lives of boys, including:

  1. Sociocultural norms that shape the development of males such as social and emotional learning (SEL), cultural connectedness, redefining masculinity, bystander programs, mindfulness, narrative, and trauma-informed care
  2. Males and mental health
  3. Legal issues that males face as victims and/or offenders
  4. Treatment issues (victim and offender) including in the criminal justice setting
  5. Tuli and medical issues
  6. Prevention challenges related to sexual abuse, legal offending
  7. Sexuality and gender identities
  8. Spiritual health and development including men in the Church
  9. Education and career development including school climate and social networks
  10. Boys and men with disabilities
  11. Resilience and the social ecology, including protective characteristics of individuals, families, schools, and communities with a focus on males
  12. Policy initiatives to promote gender equity that includes males
  13. Males in the social service sector


  • Dr. Lois J. Engelbrecht:
  • Ms. Zenaida Rosales: 8426-7839

Creating a culture of care for all children:

Remembering our boys


Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Child Sexual was the first non-government organization in the Philippines to focus on child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse (CSA) is defined as being sexually hurt by someone that you know, thus setting a boundary that is different from the definition of exploitation. While CPTCSA was the first pebble thrown into our river, the ripples have been quick and far reaching because of the care for our children as a culture. However, care alone is not enough, we need knowledge and skills along with our empathy. So, our work has been as going upstream in a fast-flowing and rocky river – each time we fix one bridge that does not protect one child and throws them into the river to drown, we discover another broken bridge further upstream. CSA is a complex issue with many broken bridges, yet we are a culture that wants to fix each of those bridges.

Over the 25 years of our work, we have focused to build protective systems around populations that include children and their teachers and parents in school, children on the street, childr en and their parents in communities, children and their parents in churches, deaf children and their parents, preparing children for court, children in foster care, and treatment services for any child impacted by sexual abuse with networks to hospitals and psychiatrists when needed, including training and resources for social workers that provide treatment services.

CPTCSA was a pioneer organization in the Philippines that worked with boys and youth who had sexual misbehavior or illegal behavior, providing therapy to them as individuals, their families, and when incarcerated in shelters. This particular program has helped us to better understand the lived experiences of our boys, what leads them to become offenders as adults, and why half of all victims are boys but rarely do they disclose and get the help that their female counterparts have access to.

CPTCSA does not operate in a vacuum. We cannot achieve our goal to create a safe world alone. We have a history of building multidisciplinary structures and systems to work on the complex problem of sexual abuse of children. To celebrate our 25 years of holistic service, we wish to bring again our first conference in 1997 on working with the church together with our present focus on boys. That is, we wish to bring to the forefront the discussion of boys and sexual violence in general and with some focus of boys and sexual violence in the church.

In light of the recent recognition by the professional community that boys are as abused as girls and yet we have far fewer data and programs for our boys, that we wish begin a national conversation of sexual abuse within the context of the whole child, remembering our boys. CPTCSA thus wishes to lead a 2-day international conference for 250 participants with a focus on boys within the context of sexual abuse of all children.