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About Us

“Our goal to build a safe world means we must first accept the present contradictions in our environment that limit child safety. These contradiction can only be understood with ongoing critical analysis.”

Our Important Values

What We Do

Our services are advocacy to build protective policies and laws, prevention to build safe communities, treatment to counsel victims and families as well as young offenders, and research and training to build the social work profession.

Why We Do It

CPTCSA cannot work alone. Instead, we are building a movement that invites all to participate to ask critical questions that confront present attitudes and behaviors to make real changes to create a safe world.

How We Do It

The CPTCSA operates within the social work person-in-environment model of holistic individual counseling and case management services. The CPTCSA abides by the Social Work Code of Ethics and a Child Protection Policy.

      HOW WE STARTED      

Our Story

The CPTCSA story is the same on as the story of the fisherman who kept rescuing bodies floating downstream until he realized the only way to stop the bodies was to discover why they were in the water in the first place. CPTCSA has been that fisherman for the past 20+ years, going upstream, finding the broken bridge where the bodies fell into the rushing river, and fixing the bridge piece by piece.

The Goal

The goal of this group of professionals was to fill the gap in services that at the time focused on the foreign sex trade with little awareness of abuse within the homes and communities. Survey research conducted within certain schools and agencies indicated that more than 30% of our children were experiencing some form of inappropriate sexual behavior by people they know.

The Staff

In 1995 we opened with one full time, one part time, and one consultant staff. Today the agency hires 7 staff that include social workers, administration and finance. Our board is a strategic working board who provide consultation and support when needed.

Licensure and Membership

We are licensed and accredited by the DSWD, SEC, and BIR. We are a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) and Family for Every Child.


Our Logo

When we opened our services, our logo was a butterfly. The butterfly represents the fact that while there is beauty in all our children, because child sexual abuse is not understood, we are all fragile. The whole with their lack of awareness was far more powerful than the individual child, victim, and even organizations working for and with this population. In our first 20 years we perhaps had more failures than successes because of this fact – but in the end we feel we have come out strong, we have learned from our many failures, we have bonded with many others, and we have made a difference. Read more.