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Da Who…?

This is an online game which can be played by a family with easily obtainable materials to help families recognize and talk about how they are adjusting to the new normal. It's a fun and interactive way to learn more about how you and other family members are coping with the crisis. The game also provide facts, trivia, and tips that sometimes pop out about coping mechanisms as well as keeping safe not only from COVID -19 but also for using the virtual world as a new norm to reinforce the learning.



You can get the downloadable versions of "Da Who..?" for Android, Mac, and Windows through this link:

Download "Da Who...?" online game

You can share the link with people and on your website in order to view and download the different versions.

The folder contains:

  • ReadMe.txt - Instructions on how to install and use the other files
  • DaWho-Android-v1.2.apk - Da Who file for Android
  • - Da Who file for Mac
  • - Da Who file for Windows