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Advocacy services are three-fold:

  1. regular advocacy involves the compilation of all work into modes of effective communication to raise the awareness level of all relevant issues to child sexual abuse. These modes include flyers, pamphlets, posters, and utilizing print and air media;
  2. forensic advocacy to help create new laws or amending existing laws;
  3. policy advocacy to work with networks for implementation of laws.

The biggest advocacy annual event is the second week of each February is THE NATIONAL AWARENESS WEEK FOR THE PREVENTION OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION

CPTCSA leads the National Awareness Week ad hoc coalition who meet annually. The week’s events are planned by a wide reach of NGO and GO, as well as interested individual stakeholders who meet to decide on a relevant theme based on need, design posters and advocacy materials, and plan activities for the week that include media.


“The aim is to provide realistic changes that individuals can make in the road to building a safe world free from sexual abuse for all children.”

National Awareness Week (NAW) for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Tool Kit for Campaigns 2016-2021

This guide was developed by the Center for the Prevention and Treatmentof Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) to recognize National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation each second week of February. Any “I am the Solution” campaign materials were also developed by CPTCSA, but always with input from stakeholders.

The National Awareness Week is an annual event. It is a time for individuals and communities to come together to raise awareness and to take action against child sexual abuse. The history of the National Awareness Week (NAW) stems from the action in 1995 of CPTCSA and the Council for the Welfare of Children, who sought and received the necessary support for Presidential Proclamation #731.

The theme of I AM THE SOLUTION to preventing child sexual abuseis tocontinue the goal to give simple, action oriented messages and goals thatindividuals can achieve. In this way, all NAW activities could also bealigned with other awareness raising campaigns.

CPTCSA publishes and widely disseminates advocacy materials. The most popular are:

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