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Publications & Research

“CPTCSA cannot work alone. We depend on all members of society to participate in the prevention of child sexual abuse. Our materials will help you achieve your commitment to the vision of a safe world for all children free from sexual abuse.”

CPTCSA’s vision of a safe world and mission to lead in research-based services guides our activities. We conduct research and are the focus of several best practices documents. The purpose of all research we conduct, while relevant on its own, is to guide in the development of services and materials for clients and communities. Our materials include full personal safety curriculum for all grades and levels, preschool lesson plans, church-based sunday school materials, family and community advocacy sessions, storybooks, vcds and workbooks for parents to do together with their children, and case studies and dvd training materials for social workers.

How We Work

CPTCSA provides direct work with communities, churches and families. Our materials are built on research and experience and in collaboration with professionals as well as client stakeholders. We follow an empowerment process that requires participation from stakeholders in order to produce quality materials that are relevant and will be used.
(Source: Marketing kit 2017)