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Prevention: Communities

Prevention: communities, churches and families

CPTCSA provides direct work with communities, churches and families. Because we need everyone to participate in the work to build a safe world for our children free from sexual abuse, we have developed materials for others to use that are based on both experience and research. We follow an empowerment process that requires participation from stakeholders in order to produce quality materials that are relevant and will be used. We can train professionals, paraprofessionals, volunteers and any interested adult to use the materials based on need and request.

CPTCSA is proud to share 3 products to use by parents together with their children. The materials build a safety-based relationship that includes agreeing upon vocabulary about private body parts and words to ask for help. The materials use stories that are based in our experience and told in a way to increase awareness and self confidence without instilling negative fear.


ANG AKING AKLAT PARA SA PANSARILING KALIGTASAN (also in Cebuano) is a 60-page workbook to read stories and use colors to help develop information and build strong support systems.

ERIKA AND JAY LEARN THE TOUCHING RULES is a storybook that does just that, teaches the touching rules and gives examples of when a child might need help for a touching problem.

HOY! BATA! is both a colorful storybook and a video that includes stories and songs to help develop awareness and self confidence.


FAMILY/COMMUNITY ADVOCACY ON CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE provides a full script for a half-day session. Topics include definition, characteristics of sexual abuse, characteristics of offenders, vulnerabilities of children and effects of abuse on child development, fear of disclosure, and handling disclosure. Activities include inter-active lectures, small group workshops, story-telling, singing and role playing. The purpose of the manual is to help community workers lead their own sessions within their own communities. This manual can also help in the PTA meetings to introduce child abuse.


Churches have a moral and legal duty to safeguard the welfare of our children, as well as those children using our facilities or involved with our programs and activities. The Haven of Grace Handbook sets forth the steps our leadership, congregational members, volunteers, contractors, and consultants are required to take to minimize the threat of child sexual abuse in our churches and to respond promptly and effectively should abuse be observed, suspected, or disclosed inside or outside of the church. The Handbook addresses the following essential components of a comprehensive Child Protection Program:

  1.  An Administrative Handbook that provides an overview of the major elements of a comprehensive Child Protection Program that include recognizing, responding to, and reporting allegations and suspicions of child abuse and neglect.
  2. Training and education about child abuse prevention and a Child Protection Curriculum Framework that provides a starting point and spring board for implementing lessons in your Sunday school or other teaching projects.
  3. A Code of Conduct that guides interactions between
    adults and children.
  4. Connecting to local authority and resources.